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Question Chronicle didn’t ask

I WONDER whether you realise how far you denizens of the far north are from the oracle’s mouth.

The Chronicle recently asked its reporters to write an introductio

n to a report that Matabeleland South lacked seven out of eight administrators and 200 extension officers, apparently owing to emigration.

So we had “NGOs woo professionals” – according to a hypothetical source (the office boy?).

All those I know have left the country of their own free will but besides the NGOs, the MDC and (not so) dormant Freedom Party have helped four million people to leave. Half of these have degrees, 20% of them masters!

Soldiers and CIO operatives have been seduced as well as civil servants and these educated people are going to be brainwashed into becoming good little Westerners while the ignorant remainder in Zimbabwe have their minds “liberated” by Goebbels’ zoo.

What a pity the four million won’t get postal votes because they are outside the country.

Two million graduates is a huge number for a country which never had more than four or five million old enough to have degrees.

The report never asks why people leave in droves. I don’t recall whether the Mat South governor attributed the loss of personnel to seduction by the Freedom Party.

Was she dormant at the time?

HH Westwood,


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