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Not with his degrees in violence!

SO President Mugabe is a devout Roman Catholic? “Mugabe should halt political violence – Archbishop Ncube”, (Standard, August 22).

This is the man who boasts of h

is “degrees in violence” and coined the motto Zanu PF ndeyeropa – (Zanu PF is a bloody party).

The man who said of whites; “They shall feel fear, they must tremble”. The man who could stop all the blood-letting, the horror, the terror the destruction his Zanu PF thugs continue to wreak with just one word if it suited him.

The man whom the Pope accepts as his “brother in faith” – all this “destruction” is “political” and therefore outside the scope of his interest.

Pius Ncube is a wonderful man, a great leader of his flock. I salute him. But how President Mugabe can be allowed to retain this false mantle of Roman Catholicism I just don’t see. Religious forgiveness is great where there is confession and true remorse. What remorse has President Mugabe ever shown in his life? What sign of any change of his ways?

PNR Silversides,


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