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Mutasa has brought disgrace to our totem

DIDYMUS Mutasa is at it again -bringing shame to the Mutasa totem through his cowardly behaviour.

This time he is using militias to attack a fellow Zanu PF member

. Not long ago he attacked Roy Bennett of the MDC from behind and got his just dessert when he was unceremoniously felled by the big opposition MP.

Attacking an opponent from behind is a trademark of cowards which is really rattling the whole Mutasa clan which has never been known to be cowardly.

Now this cowardly minister is treading new ground of notoriety. He is not only a coward but he is also anti-Christ. How could he lead his militias in an attack on James Kaunye soon after attending a church service presumably on a holy Sunday?

What role model has he created among his church’s congregation? Why should he not be politically challenged by any member of his party? Is Zanu PF creating dynasties where participation by outsiders is excluded? Our totem has been severely disgraced.

It is unfortunate that changing names is very difficult and expensive, otherwise I would have changed mine after the Bennett affair.

The Kaunye affair is rubbing more salt into a wound. Mutasa must be arrested and charged. He must also be suspended from Zanu PF pending dismissal after investigations into the source of his great wealth. He must have great wealth if he can splash out nearly $10 million on bail for his 31 militias.

Who in Zimbabwe can still honestly say Zanu PF is not a violent party? Mutasa has openly and proudly admitted that he is the leader of a group of Sudan-style militias. For once in its long life, Zanu PF must discipline this wayward member to convince him that political violence is soon going to be a thing of the past now that the African Union is flexing its muscles.

The likes of Mutasa have helped destroy Zanu PF which now only exists through brute force. Why should the errant minister not be challenged by young blood when he is fully aware that he is now in the departure lounge to hell?

For the first time, I am in agreement with Policy Implementation minister Webster Shamu’s call to have Zanu PF leaders’ mega-wealth probed.

Ken Mutasa,


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