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Moyo ‘externalising’ lawlessness

HOW surprising to note that “the demand for news” in the eyes of Information minister Jonathan Moyo and his Namibian counterpart has grown so fast for the two to establish a newspaper titled The Southern Times yet the former has been clos

ing down some in his short political career. Silly isn’t it?

“Officially launching the publication, a joint venture between New Era of Namibia and Zimbabwe Newspapers, the Namibian Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Nangolo Mbumba, lauded the birth of The Southern Times as it would make information more accessible to everyone from an unbiased point of view”, wrote Garikai Mazara in the Sunday Mail. Now who is fooling who?

Making all the talent in the media industry redundant is the most brutal and cynical peer humiliation in the history of our country.

The untold story will always be asked as to why these people have been allowed to pull this treacherous act against their fellow countrymen. Brutal! Wait a second!

Who will be looking after the sales proceeds of this paper, if any? Because there could be externalisation here into someone’s pockets. Unbiased point of view? In your dreams, not with Zanu PF!

Whichever way the regional opinion takes as a result of the paper, we don’t give a hank because spin will always be spin.

So The Southern Times is not only another of those Moyo’s personal newsletters but an externalisation of lawlessness and self-aggrandisement of the powers-that-be – all for ego and greed.



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