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Misa should give informed angle

I AM a subscriber to the Misa Zimbabwe alerts that are circulated via e-mail. I also read the local press and have made some observations.

Very often Misa Zimbabw

e alerts directly reflect the editorial slant exhibited by the medium that covered the event. Often, the organisation finds itself, consciously or otherwise, supporting the anti-freedom of expression stance reflected in these media.

While it is a common fact that the alerts are based on the reports found in these newspapers, it is unclear why they have to be repeated word for word, angle for angle and verbatim and presented as factual alerts to a community that cherishes the virtues of freedom of expression.

These virtues include balanced and well-researched information.

A sense of history is lost in the process and this furthers the interests of those that want to suffocate expression. If the Herald, for example, conveniently ignores facts, so Misa Zimbabwe and the rest of its subscribers will be denied essential information.

Such ideological clutter will be avoided if Misa Zimbabwe conducts its own research and gives an informed angle to its alerts rather than regurgitating newspaper stories, some of which are angled to further the desires of individuals who want to see the independent media dead – now and forever.



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