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Masters of the big lie

YOUR Editor’s memo “The big lie,” (Zimbabwe Independent, August 27) on the principal rule of propaganda as espoused by Josef Goebbels of Nazi infamy, has particular significance in present-day Zimbabwe.

=”Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>The “big lie” and its constant repetition by the state-controlled media is clearly the central tenet of this regime’s propaganda machine.

Recent examples include the “anti-corruption” campaign and the “economic recovery”. No doubt there will be more such “big lies” to come as next year’s election approaches.

That “the big lie” appears to be effective is born out by your correspondent Alex Weir’s comments.

He states that “since on or shortly before February, the economy has been getting better – much better”. He further adds that “Zimbabweans have been through such a bad economic patch that the present conditions resemble normality.”

I am at a complete loss to understand such statements. All that has happened on the economic front is that the rate at which prices are rising has declined to something just under 400% per annum assuming that the statistics emanating from government are more reliable than any of its other information.

Normality in Zimbabwe continues to be that of a daily struggle for survival – sometimes unsuccessful – for most people.

One of the tragedies about the Zimbabwean situation is the extent to which so many accept the economic, political and social deprivations and injustices as “normality”.

Can Weir indicate in what ways the Zimbabwean economy is “getting much better” – agriculture, mining, industry or tourism?

Apart from the exponential growth of the firewood selling, coffin making and security industry, I doubt it.

The so-called “economic recovery” is no more genuine than Zanu PF’s electoral reforms or its “anti-corruption campaign”.

The fact is that whether it is in relation to the economic or political situation in Zimbabwe, this regime has mastered the art of “the big lie”. Fortunately, there are still a few of us left who are not easily fooled.

RES Cook,


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