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Magora is merely looking to the future

I WISH people would just make up their mind about what they want Denford Magora to be (“Magora desperate for attention, recognition”, Zimbabwe Independent, September 24).

s-serif”>First they say he is Zanu PF, then MDC and now it seems he is “desperate for attention and recognition”.

With the exception of one or two comprehensible sentences in most of the attacks on his persona, all that is written about him seems to be unreasoned gibberish.

I would not want to believe that we as a country are so naive to believe that if a chimpanzee attacks your home then any other animal is the Messiah.

To use the language of advertising that Rejoice Ngwenya seems to be so immoderately fond of, when a product reaches the end of its life cycle due to non-performance, a replacement needs to be found that does not have the same flaws as the one being disposed of.

Ngwenya’s folly, along with many others that seem to pollute the various columns of the independent press, is the myopic perception that the removal of President Mugabe equates to the end of Zimbabwe’s problems.

It is specifically this kind of thinking that gave birth to the leadership of Morgan Tsvangirai who seems to be completely unconcerned with strategy.

Tsvangirai’s only theorem is Orwellian – Zanu PF bad, MDC good. Such a strategy we would adopt only if we happen to be a country of senile slogan disciples.

It is beyond doubt that any reasonable person wants President Mugabe gone. But the story does not end there. We now need to look ahead to what we want to achieve and how we are going to achieve it. What is Tsvangirai’s vision – all I have heard is President Mugabe must go?

I agree, but then what? This, Ngwenya, is what Magora is trying to achieve.

By constructive debate based on reason and facts, Magora is looking to the future and not just stopping at extinguishing the flames gutting the house but going forth to rebuilding.

For every day that the destruction and plundering being effected by Zanu PF continues, we need careful planning on how to rebuild, otherwise we will spend our lifetimes trying to repair the damage. We need to effect damage control now and strategise on the process of reconstruction.

I do not concur with Ngwenya that we all should be committed to highlighting just how much we are suffering and who is at the helm of the inflictions.

Someone has to think ahead. It was because anyone would be better than Ian Smith that President Mugabe just sat there, relaxed and started thinking he was made of the same stuff as God.

If we just concentrate on removing today’s oppressor in 20 or so years we may have Ngwenya’s super sub hero in exactly the same position as today’s adversary of civilisation.

Open up your mind Ngwenya and look beyond your nose.

Delight Ruzivo,


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