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Let’s not also lose our marbles

I AM really disappointed to note that President Mugabe seems to have lost his marbles at this critical point of his political career.

My advice to all Zimbabweans

is: please let us keep ours.

This is not the time to continue this rhetoric of Tony Blair…Britain…the West…blah…blah…over a dead body.

We need to keep our African beliefs and cultural norms of respecting the dead and refrain from electioneering at funerals.

What we need to know is the next stage of his land reform because as far as we are concerned 90 to 95% of the land is in his custody.

It is rather naive of us to cheer and offer blind support to this grandstanding at the Heroes’ Acre and ignore events on the ground. Time is running while Zanu PF is concerned with political rhetoric without substance.

The electorate are Zimbabweans and have the right to know what is on offer – not the Blair bashing.

I am afraid most people have been sucked into this “Blair bad boy” propaganda and have no other sources of information to know or question the main issues about the future of our country.

It is easy to sing Blair…Britain…the West…imperialism and all the nonsense about imaginary enemies and lose focus of the main issue of land taken away from white commercial farmers by Zanu PF functionaries that has become underutilised and may remain so for the foreseeable future because of ego and refusal to accept failure.

The declaration that Blair is the issue in the forthcoming parliamentary election is not helping anyone because it is Zimbabweans who are going to vote in that election and not the British people.

It was easy for Zanu PF with the help of state machinery to take commercial land from the previous owners but now that they have plenty of it most people still live in Ian Smith-created Tribal Trust Lands; an element of deceit has become an obssession to hoodwink people from reality.

I am one who resents this idea of the living surrendering their rights to those who died during the war. This is the basis of lawlessness because the dead have no rights but I have the right to exist and shape the future.

President Mugabe and his mandarins would rather use the dead to clamp down on those who disagree with their redundant ideas.

If he was open enough to entertain some ideas like mine I would tell him that land has lost its importance as a factor of wealth creation.

He should ask his colleagues in China, one of the biggest beneficiaries of globalisation.

China is now the fastest growing economy in the world with its gross domestic product (GDP) averaging 6,6% as a result of massive capital inflows through globalisation. As a result, there is a shift from the failed land-based populist policies of the communist era to modern industrialised practices which have seen massive movements of people from communal farming into the urban areas.

By 2020 China will be the dominant economy in the world and most people will yearn to go to China to see them undoing what President Mugabe is advocating for.



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