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I have reached a conclusion that sending money through unofficial channels is a self-defeating and unreasonable exercise.

f”>One variable that has most adversely affected our economy is the perennial shortage of forex. The cutting of supply of forex from Western financial bodies has certainly been one major contributing factor to the forex crisis.

The other is the overly negative image of Zimbabwe as a tourist destination. Of course, our exports of tobacco, among other commodities, have declined sharply over the last five years or so.

In such a scenario, a significant proportion of the forex in the country circulates in unofficial hands.

The money we send through unofficial channels benefits only a few.

The high sounding “nuts” of starving the “Mugabe regime” baffles me.

Why should we be so paranoid to believe that everything positive we do will prop up the “Mugabe regime?”

It has been proven beyond doubt that these punitive measures will not unseat the present government. So it’s high time we dropped this pathetic, self-hating, self-defeating attitude and do good for our country.

Tadios Chisango,


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