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Declared dead by Manheru

IT is disconcerting to open one of Zimbabwe’s online newspapers and find your obituary heading the list of topics in the discussion section. I thank people for their kind words, but I would like to assure my friends that my demise has bee

n greatly exaggerated.

The misunderstanding was due to an article published in the Herald of September 11 by the voluble but nebulous “Nathaniel Manheru” inferring that I was dead. Not only did he infer that I was dead, he was cackling over my supposed demise in a most unseemly manner. At least that is what people made of the article, his writing is so bad and incoherent that it is always difficult to know exactly what he is attempting to say.

This article seems to have been sparked off by a letter in the Independent the previous day by Bill Saidi stating that I had suffered a heart attack. I was moved and humbled by the positive sentiments expressed in Saidi’s letter.

But Manheru’s article was something else entirely. It seems that he confused his desires with supposed fact. His attack was also one of the greatest compliments I have ever received. I had not realised that I had caused the establishment as represented by “Manheru” so much trouble that my supposed demise should call for so much cackling glee.

It also demonstrated that the government press isn’t particularly worried about checking facts, they simply make their stories up as they go along.

I am still very much alive.

Charles Frizell,


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