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Crack whip on wayward ministers, Mr President

I READ with disbelief the article “Ministers defy Mugabe on farms”, (Zimbabwe Independent, June 25).

The president must be losing his touch as exposed by minister

s who are sticking to their ill-gotten farms. These criminal government ministers must be expelled from both the party and government, lose the farms and thrown into prison.

President Mugabe should not tolerate such defiance by staying mum after his deadline regarding multiple farm owneship has lapsed. Who will then be blamed if people begin to believe rumours doing the rounds that the president has lost his marbles and become a toothless bulldog?

The president should be man enough and openly reverse his crazy land reform which has benefited only a few big guns in government. It would have been ideal to remove one commercial farmer and replace him with a new farmer.

In farming jargon, this is called seeding new farmers among old commercial farmers. This way, farming in the country would not have been greatly affected. In fact, production would have increased because new commercial farmers would carry on from well-maintained farms and would also get help from existing farmers.

Farm equipment would not be confiscated but lent out to the new farmers while farming knowledge and experience of old farmers would be spread to the new ones.

Affected farmers would be given new land to farm thereby increasing farmland in the country. It is really criminal for one government minister to own five farms he/she cannot even manage to till productively.

Owning these farms will not solve the land question because future generations will still fight the new bosses for land in the hands of a few rich blacks.

Seeding would have created new farmers while those not willing to be seeded would be bought out or booted out.

The Mazoe Valley was once a wonderland of farmland but has recently fallen victim to greed by some government ministers and civil servants who are now not willing to relinquish their swindled surplus farms as directed by the president.

Since President Mugabe has put the country on a war footing with the appointment of a war cabinet, all his ministers should fall under martial law which makes them liable for punishment for any form of defiance.



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