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Attack on NGOs lays bare govt’s paranoia

I SEE in the Chronicle that our regime is again turning against non-governmental organisations which can, without exception, be given credit for helping Zimbabweans overcome current hardships caused by the economic downturn.

Certain minor local ones are part of the corruption which our rulers have only just noticed and in which they themselves have been immersed up to the neck. Only so can their amazing wealth be explained.

A good example of this is the disappearance without trace of the billions of dollars from our 3% Aids levy which has been unaccounted for over several years. Who is AIDed?

Why this terror of any organisation which is not part of the political set-up, we wonder.

It could be the Marxist or fascist demand that all organisations should be part of the state – of the totality hence totalitarian, a favourite word of the late former US President Ronald Reagan in his attacks on the Evil Empire.

It could also be the reason for the refusal to privatise the loss-making parastatals as agreed with the World Bank in 1990 until years too late. This was however done to only a few.

You will recall that the first one was Delta Corporation. But as soon as President Mugabe heard that South African Breweries were buying back some of the shares he had forced parastatals like Astra to sell in the 1980s, he used his powers to stop it.

This is the reason why a Castle Lager beer costs 10 000 times as much as in March 1980 when, in the OK supermarkets, a bottle cost 21 cents yet only private business is blamed.

A while back he said he had reverted to Marxism and I recall him telling the Germans he had recovered after being brainwashed as a condition for receiving AKs.

It may of course be just terror of perceived opponents – political, intellectual, social or organisational. Since no corroborating evidence is ever produced, this may be it – pure terror.

Psychiatrists would label it paranoia, systematised delusion, usually of persecution, which similarly requires no evidence.

Here it is, apparently racial as almost every example of such paranoia has anti-white elements.



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