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ZTV’s outrage on torture rings hollow

THERE has rightly been universal outrage concerning the inhuman treatment and torture of Iraqi prisoners by some American and British soldiers.

However, ZTV’s exp

ressions of outrage do ring just a little bit hollow. One wonders what would be their response if such photographs had been taken a bit closer to home. Would there have been similar expressions of indignation and “holier than thou” outrage?

Probably, but the indignation and outrage would have been of the “how dare they accuse us of any wrongdoing” kind.

When ZTV expresses outrage at human rights violations by Western nations my reaction is much the same as when I am listening to dictators preaching about democracy. They are both situations in which the strength and rightness of the message are negated by the messenger – rather like listening to paedophiles saying how much they love children.

Torture and violation of human rights must be condemned wherever they occur, regardless of who commits them – including the Americans and the British. But for someone to have credibility when they complain of dirt in their neighbour’s house, they should first ensure that their own is clean.

Everett Scott,


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