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Zimbabweans are a stupid lot

A HARARE-BASED writer Ruzvidzo Mupfudza proffered his sentiments about the tolerance of Zimbabweans in your publication (Independent, November 21).

This is an iss

ue that has been discussed long and wide but no one seems to have the answer. It is for this reason that I make this provocative submission.

Firstly, one has to understand the difference between tolerance and stupidity. Tolerance is to put up with something whilst stupidity is to be slow-witted or dull.

My analysis is that Zimbabweans are a stupid lot. I will for this purpose compare them to a herd of wild beasts.

I am sure you have seen wildlife films where one wild beast is induced by a small pride of lions to leave the security of its herd, killed and eaten whilst the rest of the herd, often numbering over 50, stands by and watch.

Do you call that tolerance or stupidity? There are countless such parallel scenarios relating to African mentality. The fundamental truth, hurtful as it does, is that Africans are very hard of productive thinking. They can neither fathom, project nor remain focused.

Mufudza made excuses of culture and values. My foot! I beg to differ. You cannot have values that have real term value if you cannot think in the first place.

There is the mistaken notion that Zimbabweans are a highly-educated nation. In reality they have only excelled in imitation and regurgitation. There is absolutely no originality. It is the typical story of a clever pet or circus monkey.

This very limited thinking capacity is not only confined to Zimbabweans. It cuts right across the entire African continent. It is a natural phenomenon.

If the current gloom persists there is very little hope for salvation. Perhaps if people like my local brother Pius Wakatama, Chinua Achebe up north and a few other exceptions are left alone to exorcise the drowsy African spirit, in a hundred years the African may rightfully claim his equal dignity in the global village.

I know this blunt truth hurts but that is as it is and so shall it be written by an avowed patriot and revolutionary who is a black African.

Tonderayi Mudonhi,


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