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Youths should shape up or shut up

MANY youths have approached me alleging that we the war veterans are to blame for the current chaotic state of virtually everything in the country.

rial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>They claim that we are guilty of propping up a crumbling autocratic system.

The youths should understand that each generation has a right to shape its future. I left school to join the war after being politicised and convinced that the system in place was oppressive.

The major issues that drove most of us were inequality and failure to exercise one-man one-vote among others. Many people were comfortable under that system. They were paid very little but they survived. The heavens were always generous with the rains. The little joy that we experienced until around 1985, before the moments of “madness”, was in actual fact left-overs from the previous system.

The bottom line is that things have gone wrong, very wrong indeed. In one meeting addressed by our late commander, he stressed that our enemies were not people but the system.

He stressed that the system had to be changed to be all-accommodating.

It is a known fact that power corrupts. As much as I hate to admit, the core values that drove both Zanu PF and PF-Zapu have been laid aside as individuals rush to enrich themselves. Look at the land reform programme.

The official claim is that more than 300 000 people have been resettled yet the records indicate that slightly above 100 000 have been resettled and on the ground only close to 60 000 have been resettled. Nearly 30% of these are senior politicians, their families, girlfriends and their children.

Now the youths should understand that their future is being designed by people who will not be in the future, people who have nothing to lose, people who have politicised every national institution, people who will do anything to stay in power, people who will take every profitable farm, mine or company just to leave it in the names of their children.

When the dust settles Zimbabweans will not have anything and the politicians will have everything. This is a country that is isolated, a country where greed has destroyed whatever national pride there ever was.

The youths should realise that over 80% of the current leadership will be at the Heroes’ Acre 20 years from now, but their problems will be in their infancy.

At 54 years, all I can say is that it is the youths’ future that is getting messed up – not ours. Whites could have been our enemies but they do not have to be their enemies.

The ANC chose to forgive and forget but we have chosen to revenge and not to forget, that is why one day youths will beg to be a South African province. With close to two million Zimbabweans already resident there including our key industrialists, there is no going back.

It is the youths who should sit down, strategise and organise their future objectives. All I can say in this matter is that during our time we had challenges and we stood up against them.

Going to Britain or South Africa is not a solution; it is like being afraid to take an Aids test when you have lived your life in multiple relationships. It is true that the current leadership has failed but if the youths cannot stand up then they should keep quiet.

Retired Army Captain,


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