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Worry not about the cameras, be wary of the guards

CONTRARY to what Tony Namate thinks is right, “A warning to ATM users,” (Zimbabwe Independent, July 7), cameras are part of the security system at ATMs.

Don’t trust those guards, not even a bit. Neither should the p

ublic trust the next person in line trying to help out when one’s card gets stuck.

We have witnessed on a number of occasions (there is video footage to show that) connivance between the guards and conmen who put papers or card jammers into ATM slots (beware of those).

About 99% of the time an ATM has been tampered with, the guard would have left his post for a few minutes. The whole process of jamming ATMs can take as little as one minute.

After the conmen have manipulated the ATM the guard returns and pretends that all is well. You come and insert you card and it is stuck, the next thing you have the guard and a “good Samaritan” trying to assist you.

One of the things they will tell you is punch in your Pin and press cancel then your card will be ejected. In the meantime they will be cramming your Pin.

After you surrender the conmen come to pull out your card and then withdraw cash from a different machine altogether. Several people have lost money this way. Beware of card jams and tampered with ATMs, not the cameras, which are part of security and have helped us see what our dear “security guards” are up to after hours.



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