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With blundering Made who needs enemies?

I WAS astounded to read that Zimbabwe would not require any food aid in the 2004/2005 season.

Having visited Zimbabwe i

n April and travelled on the Harare/Mutare, Harare/Bulawayo and Harare/Kariba road I am gobsmacked by the claim that the grain harvest will be about 2,4 million tonnes.

In 2000 the Minister of Agriculture Joseph Made claimed that he had flown all over the country and the evidence on the ground pointed to a bumper harvest. The out-turn was disastrous.

A joke doing the rounds here in the UK is in 2000 Minister Made mistook the Msasa trees for maize but in 2004 he has mistaken both the Msasa trees and grass for maize. With such incompetent people at the helm who needs enemies?

This whole fiasco reminds me of one Lovegot Tendengu pontificating that he was “Mr Tobacco” and the 2003/2004 season’s output would be 200 million kgs. The out-turn was a miserable 60 million kgs. At least Tendengu has had the sense to keep his little gob shut this year.



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