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Stop this tribal tirade

COULD Kudakwashe Marazanye please stop his tribal tirade against the Ndebeles. Shonas are all over the country and he has never heard anyone complaining about them.

f”>Almost all tertiary education centres in Matabeleland are full of them, and we (Ndebeles) have learnt to accept that. Pertaining to jobs, many from his side are invading Matabeleland in droves.

As has been the case with his kith and kin, Marazanye wants to turn Zimbabwe into a one-language state. Even in Plumtree, Kezi, Filabusi – the Shonas have set up home, but you don’t hear us complaining. You forget that there are over 10 different languages spoken in Zimbabwe.

He writes about the Roman Catholic’s policy about language usage in churches in Matabeleland but forgets that the majority of people this side speak Ndebele.

No church in Mashonaland conducts its services in Ndebele.

Marazanye should be satisfied with what they have on their side in Mashonaland and let us enjoy our freedom.

If not careful Marazanye and others of similar mind might start tribal hatred across Zimbabwe which ultimately leads to a “little Burundi” or Rwanda. We do not expect that line of thought in this day and age.

James Moyo,


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