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Resolution for city fathers

THE time has arrived yet once again for New Year’s resolutions! As municipal staff (including admin.) and councillors seemingly have little idea of what’s happening in Harare, I suggest that they (supervisory level and above), include in

their New Year’s resolutions the following that if implemented should hopefully go a long way in improving the city’s management.

The resolution? That both councillors and staff spend no less than two hours a week WALKING around different areas of the city centre and immediate environs to familiarise themselves with the problems in their wards. If they have no time during the working week (I’m sure they will all say that they are too busy), then they should do so in their own time like any other self-respecting professionals.

Municipal office heads and senior staff in general, drive from home to their offices that they only leave for seemingly endless meetings (or for private work), and clearly have no idea of what’s happening on the ground – unless, of course, they admit to total incompetence?

M Leppard,


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