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Reshuffle shows bankruptcy of Mugabe’s ideas

IN a functioning democracy, cabinet reshuffles are intended to be a positive move aimed at injecting renewed energy into a government’s agenda in order to ensure that government remains on target for meeting the promises it gave to the el

ectorate in the previous election.

Reshuffles are guided by a desire not only to reinvigorate the government’s agenda but also to send a clear message to the voting public that the government remains conscious of its fundamental role: to deliver on behalf of the people and ensure tangible improvements to their daily lives.

In today’s Zimbabwe, cabinet reshuffles, instead of being an occasion for renewed optimism are an occasion for distinct despair.

Zanu PF is primarily aimed at promoting individuals for their loyalty to the destructive agenda and ensuring that consensus around this insidious agenda remains intact at the senior political level.

Promotions appear to be guided more by sycophancy than by merit. Reshuffles in Zimbabwe are an exercise in political irresponsibility.

For a government that has long abdicated its role of delivering on behalf of the people, Monday’s reshuffle by President Robert Mugabe confirms our fears that this is a regime that has run out of ideas.

For the suffering people of Zimbabwe, the reshuffle is a non-event. The cabinet continues to consist of ministers who have presided over the collapse of our hospitals, the collapse of our schools, and the collapse of our economy and the erosion of our democratic rights. The only thing they have been able to deliver is a chronic shortage of jobs and food and the acceleration of our descent into poverty.

The people of Zimbabwe know that a cabinet reshuffle will do nothing to end their suffering; only the return of legitimate and democratic government can achieve this essential objective.

At a time when ordinary Zimbabweans are reeling under severe economic hardships inflicted on them by an uncaring regime, the number of those who must participate in the feeding trough has been increased.

Governors have been appointed in Harare and Bulawayo. This irresponsibility characterises the nature of Zanu PF. The people of Zimbabwe will continue to struggle for change and they will win through.

Paul Themba Nyathi,

MDC Secretary for Information and Publicity.

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