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Patriotism is not blindness

THERE was an interesting letter in the Herald of January 26 entitled “All Zimbabweans should be patriotic” by one Voice from Mbizo in Kwekwe.

I agree with th

e writer on the title, but unfortunately there our agreement ends. Voice from Mbizo believes that patriotism should be shown through the media and by not exposing the rot in our house. This friend of ours has obviously been listening to too much of the Newshour stuff. He/she believes that editors, particularly those in independent newspapers, should write more about the gains we have made as a nation. Apparently our writer thinks they do not.

My belief is he/she does not read independent newspapers. What he knows or what they think they know about these papers, he/she got from Newshour. Furthermore, it is clear that our writer has let the people at Pockets Hill mislead him on the meaning of the word patriotism. I will take the patriotic role to help!

Patriotism is love and devotion to one’s country. It does not mean acting defensive when you are messing up. It does not mean covering up. It does not mean supporting a regime that is destroying the same nation you claim to love. Those who love their country fight for it. They do not need to be black or white, they need to be Zimbabweans.

Independent newspapers, contrary to what our friend from Mbizo thinks, are not for outsiders. They are for Zimbabweans, and they are there to expose the rot for Zimbabweans so that we may do something about our mess.

Being patriotic involves standing up for what is good – not for a small group of aging politicians refusing to accept the logic of change, but for the whole nation. Perhaps Mbizo would call Jonathan Moyo a patriotic man because he says there is no crisis in Zimbabwe.

It is people like our friend Voice of Kwekwe who are the problem in this country. You cannot solve a problem by using the same mindset you had when you created it. We have to change from the mindset we had when we created this monster called Zanu PF if we are to free our country from this mess.

This is not a black and white thing as some (including some foreigners, as a matter of fact) would have you believe. This is a Zanu PF against the good of Zimbabwe thing.

Wishing you more light.

Muchenjeri Bundo,

Ohio, USA.

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