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Our lives are too precious for Zanu PF tests

I WONDER at times how anyone who went to war for the right reasons could be critically mobilised and aggressively positioned against our right to enjoy the very freedoms we believe were central to the decision to take up arms and fight ag

ainst white minority rule 24 years ago.

Today we have people who take up sticks and stones in acts of violence against citizens to cower them into silence to ensure people are ruled by a minority of black intellectuals too arrogant to succumb to the call for a new, vibrant and objective leadership loyal to the aspirations of the people of Zimbabwe.

Our country needs to move on from pre-Independence propaganda and build a workable and sustainable economy beyond cheap rhetoric and half-hearted manoeuvres to temporarily create illusions that the economy will be well only to be abandoned the day after elections.

That is why I have reached the conclusion that Zanu PF is an elections party. It seems to me information is more important to them than development and the welfare of the people.

What people hear is what Zanu PF is really concerned with than any aspects of their well-being or needs.

The Zanu PF regime seems to me to be not a party but a commercial business through which the gangsters accord themselves shares in the national economy under the guise of politics.

As such, by outwardly resembling a political party, they pretend to represent concerns they coincidentally know to exist by virtue of being citizens of the country.

As events unfold we are also becoming aware that these people are also registered citizens of other countries. Suppose we asked cooperative countries to assist us determine the status of most of these individuals we could be in for a shock.

The welfare of the people is reviewed not for their good but for the security of this lot. The nation can also be systematically starved at periodic times to produce that Messiah outlook towards election time when food is selectively apportioned to the suffering masses in a food-for- votes campaign.

It becomes difficult to accept that such goals were what the majority of Zimbabweans envisaged as the desired consequence and culmination of Independence.

It is even quite relevant at this stage to wonder if anyone who went to war and took the sacrifice would be behind such wholesale insults to those that died for a free Zimbabwe.

Politics then is not about statesmanship but a vehicle for the accumulation of resources.

The morality to be just is ignored as it has no immediate or long-term material incentive or financial implications for these gangsters.

As such it is too much to expect a mob of this class to let go a source of fortune for fairness and freedoms which only allow people to bring a sudden death to their lavish state-funded luxuries.

One man – Jonathan Moyo – who joined this bunch late is a living exhibit of what he did not know existed until he was allowed to stay in the Sheraton five-star hotel for almost a year.

It quickly got to his head and the rest everyone knows. Being a studied man he worked his way as close to the king as he could to ensure he missed nothing. Now he is Comrade Prof Jonathan Moyo and not the critic we thought resembled his education. We must unite against these people and give ourselves the right to manage our resources for our own good.

By now most of our roads could have been tarred, rural households electrified, towns expanded giving more employment. We could have upgraded our railway network linking many towns allowing people to travel freely.

Our universities could be well-funded and actively cooperating in national development, and our governance could have been improved, localised and decentralised. But as you know these arrogant greedy intellectuals have nothing to show for it that is worth all this time.

Now as before, the resolve is to maim those that disagree with them. That is why it is easy to find youths to get drunk and drive to a far away place to burn an opposition building because there is nothing worthwhile for them to do – an idle mind as we know can be the devil’s workshop. It is a poignant reality to compare ourselves with other African countries and see how we digress so deliberately with utter contempt for all things civilised.

We are going as a nation where everyone is running away from – barbarism, slavery, violence, lies and poverty.

Courage Shumba,

Nyika Vanhu Foundation Trust,


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