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Nun’s wings need clipping

I WRITE as a concerned parent and on behalf of other parents on the on-going abuse of children that is taking place at All Souls Mission.

We ask the Ministry

of Education to come to our assistance. We have had a number of reports on abuse of our children by a nun (name supplied) who has been abusing girls and threatening teachers in the department she heads.

The issue has been brought to the attention of the church authorities which have chosen to remain silent.

What surprises us is that there are other nuns who teach at the same school but none has shown such behaviour as her.

What has become worrisome since schools opened in January is the beating of children using a hose-pipe. We do not pay school fees for our children to be objects of beating by a church nun who has never had children in her life.

One wonders what this nun would be doing around the Form One boys’ dormitories at night and in the early mornings. There have been a number of reports in the past on the abuses but the responsible people chose to feign ignorance when the issues where brought to their attention.

Priests and nuns who have been at the mission in the past are also aware of the reports about this nun.

We hope that the plight of our children shall be highlighted. On behalf of the worried parents.

Worried parent,


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