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New, sound constitution first!

WHAT would Wilbert Mukori say to a third option for Zimbabweans? “Povo’s time to send Zanu PF packing” (Zimbabwe Independent, June 11).

We make a decision, not wi

th apathy but with determination, not to re-register as voters, and not to go and vote.

We’ll go through both procedures once we have a new and sound constitution which makes the majority happy; and impartial and international election supervisors.

Meanwhile, we with the white skins, so easily distinguishable, can behave towards our fellow Zimbabweans with politeness and courtesy and show them that we are not the arrogant ogres which the ruling party makes us out to be. We are all living in Zimbabwe.

Our “born-frees” have not had much chance to establish themselves either. No one loses anything by minding one’s manners.

We may be pleasantly surprised. I speak from experience.



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