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Mugabe conveniently distorting facts

IT is really amazing the way that President Robert Mugabe rambles on and on about Britain being the “colonial power” and his perceived notion that the British wish to “recolonise” the land and that this is in solidarity with their kith an

d kin.

As with nearly all of his rhetoric, it is a complete reversal of the facts. The truth is that the Rhodesian government declared Independence from Britain precisely because the British were trying to decolonise the country. And in 1980 it was the British who handed power to Mugabe after ignoring the violence and intimidation that had led to his very questionable election victory. The supposed kith and kin were left to fend for themselves, with absolutely no help from the UK.

Records show that Britain had been desperately trying to rid itself of the country for decades and that Britain alone handed power to Mugabe. Only Mugabe could so completely reverse the facts and reality, and only in Zimbabwe would the people be so gullible as to actually believe him.

The bitter truth is that no one wants Zimbabwe, as a colony or in any other form.



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