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Let’s engage Mugabe locally to break impasse

ZIMBABWE should never look outside for solutions to its problems which are easy to solve if people understand the background to how we have come to this point.

Blaming the leadership will not break the impasse and we should try

to make leaders accountable to contribute to the betterment and development of the country.

President Mugabe and his lieutenants should also be applauded for their role in bringing freedom to Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole.

Their contributions are beyond question but they should remember to pass on the baton.

The harassment of former leaders in other African countries should not be repeated here.

When blacks assume power they are told to forgive and move forward to build a democratic nation using reconciliation as a tool to manipulate them.

But President Mugabe has shown the world that blacks are human too. We cannot continue to cry for foreign currency as if we cannot survive without it.

If the West does not respect our money and undermines our economies using blackmail, we should unite as a people and continue with our own programmes, with or without their aid.

The country that needs development is ours and the products the West needs are ours. Why then should we beg for what is rightfully ours?

The aid that they purport to give us was stolen from our forefathers. Zimbabweans should negotiate with Mugabe to break the stalemate for the sake of the economy.

Questions that linger however are, who is going to move first? What is going to be done to the agricultural sector?

The land issue has to be solved once and for all because if people are not certain about the security and stability of the country, no new investment will flow in.

The Chinese are out to benefit from the situation but their interests lie in looking after their own people. Zimbabweans should therefore plan for the development of their own country.

Praying Parent,


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