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Hands off private institutions minister!

SO the Minister of Education Aenias Chigwedere has taken it upon himself to close private schools?

Does he not know that President Robert Mugabe himself declared

Zimbabwe the “most democratic country in Africa?”

Why is the minister so bold as to defy the president? After all, as he might know (being an educated man), democracy is not just about politics.

Democracy is about choice. Democracy is about choosing whether to buy rice or mealie-meal, whether to shop at this or that store, whether to bank at this or that bank, to buy clothes or make them at home, to read this or that newspaper, to live in this or that neighbourhood or to send children to this or that school.

Democracy is about choice.

How then does a minister defy the president by preventing the people’s democratic right to choose which schools they send their children to?

In earlier and more sensible years, it was recognised by the current government that they alone could not provide education for everyone and that private schools had a role to play in the provision of education.

Government’s role was to provide education for the many who could not or did not wish to pay more for education.

While I appreciate the fact that the minister is no economist, any housewife could educate him on the facts and figures of inflation – Zesa, water, rates, taxes, wages and salaries, insurance, fuel, vehicles – all add up to an expensive environment.

Forcing private schools to keep fees static in a situation of 600% inflation just doesn’t add up and in the end who will lose out? The children again!

Given the parlous state of government schools, surely the minister would best use his time doing what taxpayers expect him to do – run the government schools instead of interfering in the affairs of private institutions that provide a good education for the children of the president himself and many other government ministers, politicians, governors and the black elite.

Get on with your job minister, you are wasting taxpayers’ money.

Zimbabwean Citizen,


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