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Great shame that greed, deception have permeated church

YOUR coverage of developments between the church and the state reminds me of a conversation I had with a local cleric aboard a domestic plane flight a few months ago.

I felt particularly proud to be sitting next to a man of the c

loth and looked forward to a thoughtful and blessed discussion.

The conversation started off with the usual introductions and then veered towards the inevitable these days: the economic and political problems afflicting our country.

“Until we sort out Tony Blair and the West in general, things will not get better in Zimbabwe. Those people hate our guts. What they want is many more 9/11s (referring to the attack on the New York Twin Towers),” the cleric said, adding that suicide bombers had their places set up in heaven because they were attacking the evils of the West.

Phew, what an aberration!

I thought I had not heard him well and pretended just as much, thinking this could silence the cleric but no, he kept on harping on the virtues of land and enquired whether I was the owner of any business or an employee of the white man.

This encounter lingered in my mind for many months but had almost disappeared until a few weeks ago when, to my utter surprise, I saw the cleric lunching and smooching with Zanu PF and President Robert Mugabe.

As your correspondent Ben Freeth said, collusion between the church and the state has been recorded many times in the history of mankind. The most damning aspect of this collusive relationship in Zimbabwe is that church leaders are supporting a political leadership that is using violence and threats to cow other sections of the church in Zimbabwe.

But then again when you combine the wanton greed and deception that has permeated the church together with the increasing levels of poverty, one can’t be surprised at seeing these men of the cloth competing and jostling to be fed from the top table. It is a great shame!

Nervous Madekufamba,


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