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Gono should explain more on forex transactions

IT is interesting to note that RBZ Governor Gideon Gono has recently been revealing some basic data related to foreign exchange that is allegedly passing through Reserve Bank channels. <

Perhaps he should quantify in further detail the sources of these transactions.

Internationally, certain European Union and United Nations officials are presently under scrutiny as pertinent to allegations of incompetence, free-loading, corruption, pariah support, imaginative or affirmative accounting, and also self-service.

It would be nice to see the official Zimbabwean viewpoint regarding amounts of donor aid that has been incoming; whose hands it passed through, and whether it was delivered where intended without deduction or commission.

A recent EU report suggested that only some 11% of aid funds were actually delivered or realised where intended.

The suggestion or implication was that the unmonitored balance somehow enriched those close to the privileged governing establishment in Zimbabwe.

Local EU and UN representatives should also be invited to publicly cleanse their souls and disclose relevant facts on these matters.

Can we expect a numbed silence from those invited to respond to these salient matters?

Walter Hurley,


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