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WHO are you Mr Marcus Selassie? (Independent, February 6.) My mind was made to wonder to the Horn of Africa by your last name.

It made me recall Ras Tefari,

the son of Ras Mekonnen who became Emperor Haile Selassie in 1930.

If you are related to the late emperor, my sincere condolences for his untimely death caused by the military dergue in 1974. May his soul and the souls of others tragically taken rest in peace!

I am sure you will clearly recall that the man who is said to be responsible for the death of the emperor is Mengistu Haile Mariam, a fugitive currently holed up in Harare, thanks to his association with President Mugabe!

Perhaps you will want to get to Mengistu and do justice to him! Maybe you will get hope in that Meles Zenawi (Ethiopian premier) is trying hard to get him.

Marcus, you have charged people who oppose Mugabe with treason. You cite flimsy reasons that they support the belligerence of white supremacist nations such as Britain and the US. You really amaze!

Like all our black brothers who live in comfort in the West, your knowledge of deep Zimbabwean politics is shallow. Stop browsing through Mugabe’s mitigatory stories on his ineptitude and get the whole picture correctly.

The issue is not about blacks and whites. It is about people. It is about us as Zimbabweans. It is about Mugabe’s ignorance in human relations. It is about the killing of thousands of very black people like you, with Britain, Russia and everyone else turning a blind eye.

Your attempt to glorify Zimbabwe’s fight for Independence is lame. It lacks proper knowledge. Where were you and the rest of our black brothers from the West when we fought for Independence?

Were you not enjoying the comfort and warmth of freedom as afforded you by your Western governments? Did you ever think of donating a dime to assist in the fight for Independence? No! Not our brothers from the West! We had to do it with aid from equally expansionist communist and socialist states of the East (no black brothers there, blacks actually get lynched in Moscow).

Black brother from the West, you do not have any moral claims to our cosanguinary disputes in Zimbabwe. You have better keep your mind ready to deal with the KKK which you seem to admire, seeing your enthusiasm in the use of triple K in Amerikkka!

Just a reminder, we did not fight for freedom so that Mugabe enslaves us. No one in Africa wants to be enslaved either by whites or by fellow blacks. Africa does not deserve Kamuzu Banda, Emperor Bokasa, Mengistu Haile Mariam, Mobutu, Siad Barre, Idi Amin and others of similar notoriety!

Hopewell Masola,


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