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Come see horror live Selassie

ALLOW me to respond to Marcus Selassie’s drivel (“Shame on you sellouts”, Independent, January 6). The letter is a splendid example of the adage that a little knowledge is very dangerous.

Instead of writing from the “white supremacist” comfort of “Amerikkka”, our blind friend should come to Zimbabwe and experience a Damascene rude awakening.

I invite Selassie to first come to Zimbabwe and experience what it means to live in fear every second of one’s life.

I for one would not mind staying in “Amerikkka” if that means preserving my life or limb. I deduce from Selassie’s tone that he wouldn’t mind swapping places with me so that he can suffer first-hand torture, rape, and other horrors.

My invitation to Selassie is not made in jest.

Gabriel Shumba (Human rights lawyer and tutor),

Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria,

South Africa.

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