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Allan Wilson School concentrating on trivia

MY son goes to Allan Wilson School in Harare. On February 13, I drove him to the school.

He had on the usual khaki uniform but on arrival, he was harassed by

several prefects who demanded that he should be wearing a special type of uniform – a black blazer, a white shirt and black trousers. I asked one of these prefects why they were harassing my son and they said they were only following school instructions. They said the rule was that each Friday students should wear this expensive uniform.

When one considers the harsh economic times we live in, my view is that the headmaster should be more considerate and relax some of this old (if not colonial) rules that really do not benefit the school or the students. The school looks very untidy and run down. Window-panes are broken and there are potholes in the school hall. Why can’t the school do something about this, instead of concentrating on trivia?

This school is defying government regulations considering that Education minister Aeneas Chigwedere has made it clear that school uniform is not compulsory.

Concerned parent,


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