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A tale of madness we already knew

RECENT revelations by the state-controlled media that some newly-resettled farmers are being evicted to pave way for original white farmers are further proof of the chaos and confusion that have

characterised this Zanu PF land reform programme from the start.

Despite attempts by the Herald and the Sunday Mail to place the blame on the doorsteps of a few individuals in the Ministry of Lands, we all know that this so-called Third Chimurenga has been a tale of madness from the moment Zanu PF-hired thugs masquerading as war veterans were allowed to cause havoc on the white-owned farms soon after the February 2000 referendum.

It is now all too easy for the shallow-minded scribes at Zimpapers to sympathise with a handful of unfortunate resettled farmers who are now losing “their” farms after investing a lot of money and energy on them in the past two years, yet the same sympathy was never extended to the white farmers who were forced to leave their farms and many years’ worth of hard labour and investment.

I hold no brief for white farmers because I know none personally, and I don’t have any grudge against genuine war veterans (my father was one – God bless his soul), but I believe it makes a mockery of our political system to have important government policies made from the rumblings of illiterate and uneducated clowns like Joseph Chinotimba whose only academic cap he has ever worn in his life is a straw hat.

Hudson Taivo,


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