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We’re down, but not out

THE 504 votes garnered by MDC pro-senate faction candidate Gabriel Chaibva in Budiriro were just  a signal to Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai that Professor Arthur Mutambara is here to stay.

The party’s Harare province salutes all supporters including the 50

4 heroes of democratic change for braving the tense atmosphere to vote for Chaibva who had campaigned for only 24 hours.

The playing field in the by-election was tilted in favour of Zanu PF and the MDC faction led by Tsvangirai who have since rubber-stamped Mugabe’s autocratic rule for the sake of getting into power.

Police and pro-Tsvangirai militia derailed the MDC campaign programme in Budiriro when they defaced Chaibva’s posters.

The police and the CIO pounced on Mutambara’s convoy when he embarked on a road show in the constituency to drum up support for the MDC, 24 hours before the election.

The arrest of Mutambara, Chaibva and others was a strategy by the Mugabe regime to stop the unstoppable hot character in Mutambara from making inroads into the constituency.

The 504 voters were mobilised in less than 24 hours and street commentators like Geoff Nyarota and Bornwell Chakaodza want the people to read a lot out of the 504 voters. They are jealous of Mutambara’s rise to fame.

Tsvangirai and Mugabe’s people held several rallies ahead of the by-election but they garnered 7 000 and 4 000 votes respectively.

These are not encouraging figures when we consider that they campaigned for two months each while Mutambara campaigned for only an hour before police stopped his road show.

Harare is now focusing on the 2008 presidential election. We are down but not out for now.

Kurauone Chihwayi,
Harare Province.

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