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Sibanda must play by the rules

THE accusations and counter-accusations flying between the two MDC factions that have emerged as a result of the senate election seem to suggest that there are some among the leaders who have resolved they shall never reconcile with those

on the other side.

Such a development is very unfortunate because it prolongs the in-fighting at the expense of addressing real issues on the ground.

If the leaders of the warring factions have the people at heart, they should work together by agreeing to compromise, or amicably parting ways if need be.

A national council meeting was held in Harare, and we are told through the media that officials from the pro-senate group were not even aware of the meeting, a position that was refuted by MP Nelson Chamisa in an interview with SW Radio Africa.

We, who are very far from Zimbabwe and unable to get first-hand information, end up so confused as to what really is taking place.

A week earlier, a disciplinary committee meeting was held in Bulawayo, and again, facts seem to suggest that this was also not properly constituted.

We are told four members of the disciplinary committee were not even aware such a meeting had ever taken place.

In my opinion, if claims by either side are correct, both meetings were not properly constituted, rendering decisions made not binding.

It therefore follows that the MDC president, Morgan Tsvangirai, has not been suspended because for reasons best known to himself, Vice-President Gibson Sibanda decided to invite only those members he thought would sing his song, resulting in a decision being made to suspend Tsvangirai.

Even if the disciplinary committee has the mandate to suspend anyone from the party — including the president — a clandestinely organised meeting at which other members of the same committee are not invited cannot come up with any constitutionally-binding decision.

Pro-senate officials have not denied that some members of the committee had not been invited to the meeting.

Similarly, if officials who are in the pro-senate faction were not invited, I also find that meeting not properly constituted, meaning the decisions made may not be binding. If invitations were sent out to all officers, then the decisions made at the meeting should stand.

And where does this take us?

Tsvangirai continues as president of the MDC until such time when a properly constituted disciplinary committee meets and agrees on that course of action.

Benjamin Chitate,

New Zealand.

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