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Reconsider new flea market sites

FOLLOWING the recent announcement by the town clerk of Harare municipality, Nomutsa Chideya, of the reopening of flea markets at suburban shopping centres there was a sigh of relief among those who had successfully undergone the rigorous

vetting process.

Unfortunately, the siting of the areas is a mockery of basic business concepts. The council should have taken into consideration the following:

* the nature of flea market business is a daily trade as opposed to a weekend retreat type. Business, including flea markets, is not a hobby to be only undertaken during weekends for there are traders earning livelihoods on full-time basis from the informal industry;

* taking the flea markets to various suburban areas lacks basic rationale of business. For example, traders who are trading at Avondale and Sam Levy Village trade in wares which target the class of their potential customers. Which taste varies from those in Mabelreign or Glen View;

* It remains pertinent and imperative that a couple of flea market sites be identified around the city centre as this is the largest customer-catchment zone. That would be convenient for both traders and customers.

Israel T Mabhoo,


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