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Moyo deserves to be bashed

IT was with great surprise that I read Chenjerai Hove’s letter praising Jonathan Moyo and criticising your letter writers for “bashing Moyo and his so-called third force”.

ns-serif”>That a well-known Zimbabwean writer should rush to the defence of someone who has done so much to destroy freedom of expression in his homeland is hard to understand.

I, for one, take pride in “bashing” all that Moyo has stood for since he so willingly and enthusiastically participated in the regime’s destruction of democratic values and denial of basic human rights.

“Do we understand democracy” and “who among us has not been in government or even in Zanu PF”? Hove asks.

For the record, very few of us have been “in government”. And as for those who were once members of Zanu PF, such as John Makumbe, it is no doubt because they understand democracy that they are no longer part of an organisation that long ago abandoned the principles upon which it was founded – and for which so many people died.

A more important question than whether John Makumbe, or anyone else was once a member of Zanu PF is what they contributed as members. In Moyo’s case, he became an active and leading participant in the destructive policies and activities of Zanu PF – policies and activities which he still seeks to defend.

Hove claims to be impressed by Moyo’s brain, but personally I am more impressed by integrity than supposed brainpower or academic qualifications as a necessary quality of leadership. And on that score, Moyo does not come close to those in the MDC who have remained in Zimbabwe and stood up to the tyranny of Zanu PF.

That Hove, from the safety of his self-imposed exile, should be so disparaging of those who have remained and suffered at the hands of the regime of which Moyo was such an enthusiastic member does nothing for his own credibility.

Moyo’s record deserves continuing condemnation from all democrats, not least because of his obvious efforts to re-invent himself as an alternative to the present regime – and to the MDC. Frankly this so-called “third force” sounds like another of Zanu PF’s divide-and-rule tactics.

RES Cook,


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