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Maruma simply a sellout

I COULD not help but laugh as I read Olley Maruma’s misleading letter (“Muckraker simply scared of the truth” – Independent, June 3 ) as he feverishly tried to portray himself as some superstar pan-Africanist who does not compromise his s

tandards for money or bribes.

What the Zimbabwean general public does not know or remember is that Maruma began his journalistic career under the tutelage of the white racist Rhodesians while working for the then Rhodesia Broadcasting Corporation (RBC) as a newsreader in 1978.

I still remember hearing him read the news telling the whole nation with enthusiasm how the Rhodesian security forces had butchered “terrorists” (by this he meant Zipra and Zanla guerillas). What kind of pan-Africanist would spew such venom at liberation forces in defence of an illegal white regime oppressing the black masses?

Furthermore, Maruma accuses Muckraker of believing that the liberation struggle was fought to enable the black people to share toilets with whites.

My question to Maruma is: wasn’t he used by the white regime – together with Masimba Musarira – to window-dress an equality policy at RBC at the height of the liberation struggle when most people were fighting and paying with their lives for the liberation of this country?

Judging from the diatribes he used to churn out against the liberation forces, Maruma’s admiration of the oppressive white rule was immense indeed.

Because of that, Maruma falls into the category of people who are either neo-colonial black sellouts desperate to ingratiate themselves to the West because they suffer from an inferiority complex, or he is a black lumpen element who jumps onto any noisy bandwagon which gives him a bit of money and makes him feel significant – be it the Rhodesian Front or Zanu PF.

I challenge Maruma to defend the role that he willingly played as a Rhodesian spin-doctor at RBC as he mocked the efforts of both Zanu PF and PF Zapu to liberate this country.

Bothwell Chipangura,


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