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I quit Mirror amicably

CONTRARY to claims contained in your Mediagate story (Zimbabwe Independent, November 11), I was never at any time instructed or advised by anyone not to return to the Zimbabwe Mirror Newspapers Group (Pvt) Ltd.

ONT face=”Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>If Dumisani Muleya had bothered to check with my former employers, he would have been told that I relinquished my post as editor of the group well before your newspaper broke the story on the developments at the Mirror newspapers.

In my correspondence to the newspaper group I made known my decision to continue with my studies here. My parting with the group was amicable and I continue to enjoy good professional and personal relations with those I worked and interacted with during my time there. It is therefore quite preposterous for any so-called source to claim that I was told not to return to the Mirror.

Muleya knows he can easily contact me if he wants to and I find it surprising that in this instance he found it convenient not to do so.

I would like to believe there was no malicious intent in this “oversight” and do sincerely hope that your newspaper remains committed to those sacred ethics which all of us in the journalistic fraternity profess allegiance to.

Innocent Chofamba Sithole,

United Kingdom.

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