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How about our own?

WHAT purpose does the introduction of new vehicle number plates serve?

I am made to understand that the present system incorporates a unique security feature whic

h is lost in the new system.

This feature is the so-called check letter which is not chosen at random but is the result of a mathematical formula based on the number 23.

This makes it easy for the authorities to identify a counterfeit number plate.

For example, the number 123456 has the check letter “Q” and the number 999999 has the check letter “E”.

After reaching this number, the check letter can be placed at the beginning of the number thereby releasing another million permutations. Why not add an extra security feature to the present plates such as irremovable stickers?

This would be much cheaper and make the old plates superior to the new ones.

I am informed that these new number plates emanate from Germany! Are we not capable of producing our own?

Consider transport companies with a fleet of vehicles in the hundreds having to pay $650 000 per vehicle for the plates and new registration book. Is this not going to negatively affect the inflation rate? Is it appropriate to introduce such a costly exercise now? Transport operators’ associations, where are you?

Furthermore, I have noticed at Rowan Martin Building that when people call to collect their new number plates they are told to surrender their old ones. The question here is: who benefits from the sale of this scrap alluminium which eventually must amount to many tonnes?

Can we expect to see new alluminium street signs replacing the old stolen ones, or will the money raised go to another project?



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