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Hove, Moyo opportunists

CHENJERAI Hove is an opportunist just like Jonathan Moyo. Zimbabweans can never say anything positive about one of the destroyers of the country.

Is it being the

best brains to destroy? Hove, be careful with your brains too because you might be insane just like a bunch of Zanu PF thugs.

I have already chosen to kick these pricks who have graduated to destroy Zimbabwe.

Moyo under Mugabe’s supervision paralysed the media of Zimbabwe. Who in this world does not know that?

Hope the MDC will never make the mistake of recruiting him into their ranks to kill the people’s party because the man has a mind that is unpredictable.

Mugabe and Moyo top the charts for the worst culprits in the country’s failed leadership. Now Hove is supporting Moyo, thinking the man has the brains to manipulate and rule Zimbabwe some day!

The endorsement by Hove that Moyo is the best brains is tantamount to appointing himself to represent the “Third Force” in Norway. You missed it my man!

Both of you played it on the scratched side this time. Moyo is just another puppet of Mugabe. He is doomed to nothing when Mugabe is finally grounded under pressure that is mounting on him by the day.

His tricks are just empty now. Wait and see what is going to happen in a couple of months. The man is done now.

Mugabe has been very good at paying big money to people who are dirty-minded. Moyo benefited as we all have seen.

Today the same dirty mind is using tribal leverage in Matabeleland for self-gain only to later dump the Tsholotsho citizens. What is wrong with us?

The late Eddison Zvobgo and Simon Muzenda used the people of Masvingo for self-aggrandisement.

They left the province poorer. Mugabe has used the people of Mashonaland but comfort comes from the fact that he developed the region better than any other province.

I just wonder where Chenjerai Hove is getting it all wrong.

Nicholas Nickson Mada,


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