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Housing coops next!

NOW that the government has declared that housing co-operatives formed during the ill-conceived land reform are illegal, there is need for a probe of some that seem to have fleeced unsuspecting homeseekers.

face=”Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>One such co-operative is that formed by Joseph Chinotimba.

Civil servants, especially teachers, were compulsorily made members and monthly deductions of $20 000 per individual were made through the Salary Services Bureau for Chinotimba’s Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (TUZ) through which the housing cooperative was run.

These deductions should cease forthwith since the co-operative has been declared illegal.

Since both primary and tertiary institution teachers have their own unions, what is the role of Chinotimbas’ union? Why does the TUZ rely on forced membership when other unions have to campaign for membership?

Are the civil servants going to get refunds with interest after they cease being TUZ members?

Let us hope that the dark clouds hovering over our country are going be a thing of the past now that the government has succumbed to pressure to “revert to the rule of law” through its blitz on illegal activities in towns and on farms.

Law and Order,


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