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Govt’s screening shambolic

I AM writing in response to the article that appeared in the Herald of August 20 with regards to how former Information minister Jonathan Moyo allegedly “cheated” his way to cabinet and Zanu PF e


If what the paper put across was true, it just goes to show how shambolic the government’s screening process is.

Why would the government allow a known critic to be part of it? This is assuming that it is wrong for critics to be part of progressive governments?

Regarding the world-acclaimed story about the CIO buying into some shadowy newspaper stables, I think they just lost it.

George Soros is a known speculator who tries to invoke positive changes in the countries that he has invested his monies in? I think it’s better for him to own a newspaper in Zimbabwe than let the so-called “Mr Turnaround” own one even though it’s his masters who effectively own it.

I am not in Zimbabwe anymore because of the way people like (read Jonathan Moyo) Manheru pandered to the whims of an 81-year old geriatric at the expense of 13 million hardworking Zimbabweans who are going to struggle for the rest of their lives after this geriatric is gone. We do not owe him anything. And that he went to war does not qualify him to subject us to a life of perpetual hardship.

For the record, I am a black Zimbabwean who was born in Zaka under Chief Bota and I participated in the struggle.

Shepherd Moyo,


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