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Even Mugabe can’t do without it!

IT has been quite some time, but I thought it was time I told this rather amusing story.

I, along with a rather distinguished gentleman, started the distribution

of your successful paper and created the subscription services to your subscribers.

On one particular occasion a messenger from the President’s Office arrived in the wee hours of the morning to collect that week’s issue(s) – the Office subscribes to several.

The girls in the subscription department informed me that their account had not been paid. So, as per company policy, I terminated their subscription until the account was up to date.

The messenger, immaculately dressed in his royal navy blue uniform, was horrified when I told him “no money, no newspaper”.

So off he went, having said before his departure: “You do realise this is for the president don’t you!”

I told him I didn’t care who it was for, business is business and I needed payment. He returned a few hours later and said that payment will be made through the Central Payments Office in four to six weeks’ time.

To his relief, I let him have that week’s issue.

Upon his departure, he thanked me and said: “Every Friday morning the president sits down, has a cup of tea and reads the Zimbabwe Independent. He looks forward to it because it keeps him informed and it is the only paper that speaks the truth.”

You could of course have knocked me over with a feather. I was totally gobsmacked.

After he left I had a good chuckle to myself and was proud to bring the truth to the people.

You can be certain that there are those who are opposed to the independent press who do read your paper.

FB Clive,


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