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Enough fuel to descend on the innocent

NEWSNET’S Media Watch on Monday night showed clips from our newspapers and a video of President Robert Mugabe’s speech at last week’s G-77 conference in Doha, Qatar. A geography teacher masquerading as a media analyst wa

s the guest on the programme.

Mugabe was at his usual best, forgetting about the fuel and internal refugee crisis he has created in this country and instead crying for Saddam Hussein. According to Reuben Barwe, he was the only leader who had the courage to talk about it while the rest tried to avoid the Iraq issue.

I thought if Caesar Zvayi were a media analyst he would have enlightened us if Mugabe represents the people of Iraq or Saddam and his band of murderers. I wonder how the new president of Iraq felt if he was there.

Mugabe should be told that Saddam is gone and I do not see any chance of him coming back especially after the people of Iraq realised that they had the right to choose their own leadership.

Yes, in Iraq we have murderous people who still want Saddam and are prepared to commit suicide bombings because they still cherish the days they trampled on people’s rights, killed people in the name of Saddam and got away with it.

Zimbabwe’s war veterans used to do it until their homes were destroyed recently. They would torture people in the name of Zanu PF and get away with it.

Our president instead of talking nicely to the new president of Iraq so that we get fuel, is fighting a war for Saddam, vakomana!

Then there was the Jacob Zuma issue. To the two buffoons — Media Watch presenter Ian Zvoma and Zvayi — the fired South African deputy president was a victim of the media, the apartheid press so they tell us. The press reported as if it was Zuma on trial, they said.

Little does it occur in their little heads that Schabir Shaik, sentenced to 15 years in prison for corruption, was an associate of Zuma who knew what was going on despite his post as vice-president.

Our dull press started to work on the character of the judge as usual.

Zimbabwe’s former chief justice Anthony Gubbay faced the same fate when he saw the illegality of letting people settle like mushrooms — now five years later those who encouraged these mushrooms to grow are picking them with so much force no mushroom will be visible again.

Celebrating corruption because it is done by high office is what these Zanu PF apologists are good at.

I thought they would have told us why Newsnet was not in Chitungwiza when a 4km convoy of brutality was unleashed on the peaceful people of the town who ironically were battling to get to work as the transport crisis bites due to an acute fuel shortage. It’s strange the Zanu PF government has enough fuel to burn as it descends ruthlessly on innocent people.



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