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Encouraged by RG dept’s professionalism

I REFER to my letter of October 26, which you very kindly published on November 11.

There was an immediate response following the publication by the Registrar Gen

eral’s office.

I was invited to attend an interview with one Mrs Dawkins who represents the Registrar General at Makombe Building who is responsible for running the births and deaths department and a member of the department’s internal investigations branch.

After explaining exactly what happened, Dawkins apologised for the frustrations I had experienced and assured me that she and the Registrar General, Tobaiwa Mudede, were committed to the removal of corrupt elements from the department and that a full investigation was already underway.

Dawkins was able to provide me within two days the document I had been attempting to secure since April.

I was very encouraged by the professionalism displayed during my interview with Dawkins and her colleague and the assurances that any corrupt elements working within, or with third parties from outside the department, will be dealt with.

Estelle H Ronne,


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