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Education is out of it Arthur!

ZIMBABWE is faced with an unprecedented multi-layered crisis characterised by growing unemployment, a stratospheric inflation rate, a dehumanising food crisis, a crippling HIV and Aids scourge and a collapsed economy that has become a collective African shame.

Today, the c

hallenge for all democratic forces is to harness their collective efforts and direct them towards this dictatorship that has reduced ordinary citizens to paupers in theirs own motherland.

The challenges are to maintain the radar on Zanu PF and Robert Mugabe because they are the authors and instigators of the national crisis and to remain focused and not to engage in “robotical” diversionary tactics to sway national attention from the real problems.

Some of us note with concern the fixation that one Arthur Mutambara has on  Morgan Tsvangirai.

At every gathering, every hall and in every church where  he is fortunate enough to address his usual embarassingly small crowds, Mutambara spares his best arsenal not for Mugabe  and Zanu PF, but for Tsvangirai and the MDC.

Mutambara has shown that his biggest nemesis on the political turf is not Mugabe, author of the national crisis, but Tsvangirai, a gallant son of the soil who built a formidable political movement to put a dead stop to Mugabe’s dictatorial project.

Mutambara harps on Tsvangirai’s supposed lack of “organisational capacity” and “gravitas”, whatever that means.
But he is clinging on to the MDC brand, a party that was built and woven around the organisational capability of its leader — Tsvangirai.

It’s a contradiction in terms, which is shocking, coming from someone who purports to possess leadership gravitas and intellectual clarity.

In politics, intellectual clarity and gravitas are not enough to guarantee him support from his own clansmen — including Chief Mutambara.

Being a robotics professor is no guarantee for grassroots support from the old woman in Rugoyi or the Aids orphans in Mukandabhutsu, as Mutambara himself will testify.

Politics is about being able to capture the national pulse as Tsvangirai has evidently done, judging by the millions across the country who continue to see him as their only source of hope.

Mutambara is a jelly-kneed opportunist who boarded the MDC train long after it had left the main station and immediately shouted himself hoarse that he was a better driver than the man he found at the wheel — the man who had negotiated all the dangerous curves long before he came on board.

While I acknowledge that he was an energetic student leader in his heyday, Mutambara has started compromising with the dictatorship.

He should simply know that politics is not about the educated. The millions of people who are very crucial on the political chessboard do not have degrees but remain a vital cog in the resolution of the national crisis.

The robotics professor is simply arrogant and ideologically confused. How can he tell his London audience, where he and his entourage raised 10 pounds, that he believes in jambanja and that he is anti-senate — two main issues that must surely make everyone wonder why he continues to hobnob with  people like Welshman Ncube?

Power-hungry political upstarts such as Mutambara will not distract the MDC from the people’s project.

Light shall surely strike him on his way to Budiriro, where a bold statement will be made that the party remains focused and unshaken. The MDC juggernaut shall continue to roll.

Frank Matandirotya,

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