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Better find yourself first

I READ with interest the letter from the gentleman from Arcadia about coloured people in Zimbabwe.

It would be interesting for you to know that here in the United

States of America as long as you have a single drop of black blood in you, you consider yourself black. There is nothing like coloured here.

Light-skinned people who look more white or Caucasian but have black blood in them call themselves black – for example, Mariah Carey.

This coloured thing in Zimbabwe was introduced by the Ian Smith regime as a divide-and-rule tactic. So my brother you have to find yourself first before you complain.

What do you see yourself as? The way you see yourself and the way you put yourself out there determines what you are.

To me, it’s a simple matter of black or white. Where is your pride brother?

Tafadzwa Chidembo,


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