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What’s secret in Zim?

IF the likes of a certain fallen laxative-mouthed Jonathan Moyo had their way, nobody would even know the calendar date!

Despite the durable effort to muzzle all

media orifices, the truth inevitably always leaks out, and those that matter get to hear and deal with it.

That the state has armed itself with suitable un-prosecutable louts equipped with mental diminishment, graft options, handouts of stolen assets, substance abuse facilities, loot, food benefits and immunity from prosecution to sustain its power-grip is well known.

No one in the intellectually enabled membership of the world is actually fearful or concerned that the Zimbabwean scientific and technology achievers may have now possibly secretly patented and produced a bamboo-shafted missile shooter that delivers punishing maize pips, as grown in the land of plenty, to defend itself against external invaders who may want to colonise or expropriate the highly valued Zanu PF proprietary and copyrighted intelligence that has done so much to reduce the prospects of the future of mankind in the region.

Is there anything else left of “value” in Zimbabwe?

Perhaps South African President Thabo Mbeki’s agents are on the loose — his party has effectively said that it wants to learn from his struggler comrades in Zimbabwe.

The apparent recent sensitivity of the regime about alleged “secrets” might be that the actual methodologies of gaining and stashing loot may have been compromised.

That infighting is now in place is a measurement of the anxiety of the heroic comrades now clinging to artificial power where self-sustenance and looting opportunities are being diminished on a near-daily basis.

The durable Zanu PF credo is quite simple:

*stay in power by whatever means available -— to fail could be problematic;

*increase personal wealth at the expense of all others;

*be assured that solidarity members are protected, naturally after paying a commission to the hierarchy for solidarity allegiance;

*ignore local and international legalities and human or any other rights — nobody will reactively respond;

*care not while the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe prints valueless dollar-embossed toilet paper as long as members can use it to their advantage; and

*rely on Mbeki for protective cover and shelter — he will always be one of us. It is therefore not surprising that certain comrades will do anything that fills their wallets in pursuit of fundamental allegiance to themselves while other local opportunities diminish.

Perhaps a certain wealthy comrade is languishing away from its usual loot

base for transparently declaring: “To get rich join Zanu PF.”

Maybe its credentials and particulars are becoming transparent, or that he has made too many mistakes?

Fewer snouts in the trough!

Walter Hurley,

Pretoria, South Africa.

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