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Thanks but expose more

It was magnificent! Thank you for speaking out on the problems facing the ratepayers/residents today. You have great courage.

Perhaps your paper could look into another current stalling by the municipality. This is the over-payme

nt by a large number of Harare motorists on their current road fund licences.

Those, like myself, paid early to avoid long queues, and paid the first stated price of $184 000 per small vehicle which was later reduced to $18 400 which meant that motorists who paid earlier in January were overcharged by $165 600 for one period.

Those paying for a year would be prejudiced by far more and businesses/individuals paying for more than one vehicle, or larger vehicles, overpaid a considerable amount more.

Efforts to ascertain what steps the municipality is taking to reimburse these early payers, and how long they will have to wait, are met either with no information, or told that Town House is discussing the matter and has not yet made a decision.

It will be interesting to see if the municipality will pay up or credit overcharged motorists at all.

Many seem to doubt this due to the financial situation of the municipality and look on it either as a lost cause, or long-term loan to the municipality.

This letter serves to point out another burden foisted on ratepayers by the municipality. Quite possibly, you are already aware of this problem.

Burdened elderly ratepayer,


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